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What are Community Energy Hours?
Community Energy Hours are events that are called by your utility during peak demand times. During these events, we will make small adjustments to your thermostat's set-point in order to reduce your energy usage. This helps to make the grid more resilient, and your community more sustainable.
When are Community Energy Hours?
Community Energy Hours occur on any day of the week between May 1 and September 30.
Will I be less comfortable during Community Energy Hours?
You can expect the temperature in your home to rise only a few degrees during an event, with a maximum of four degrees. If you find yourself to be uncomfortable, you can always opt-out of an event by adjusting your set-point temperature.
Will I get advanced notifications of Community Energy Hours?
All participants will receive advanced notice of a Community Energy Hours event.                                                                                    
What are the minimum requirements for the SmartSavings Program?
1.   Be a customer of a participating utility with an account in good standing.
2.   Have an installed, qualified smart thermostat, connected to Wi-Fi, controlling a central A/C unit.
3.   Sign up for the SmartSavings Program and agree to the Terms and Conditions.                                                            
How do I earn the $20 for participation?
Earning your participation bonus is easy. Simply have your thermostat on and connected to Wi-Fi during the months that Community Energy Hours can be called, and you'll be counted as a participant.
I have a thermostat that's not on the list. Can I participate?
Unfortunately we can only allow participants that have one of the qualified thermostats to participate.                      
How do I unenroll from the program?
If you wish to unenroll from the SmartSavings Program, contact us at or 610-580-0262, and tell us your utility provider and why you wish to unenroll. Your request will be processed within seven days.