Get paid to save energy

Get $60 for signing up and $20 for each summer you participate!

How does SmartSavings work?

Be a customer in good standing with a participating utility, and have installed a qualified device.

By signing up, you're agreeing to participate in Community Energy Hours, during which SmartSavings will make small adjustments to your thermostat during peak hours on weekdays between June 1 and September 30. Click here to learn more about Community Energy Hours.

Once enrollment is confirmed, you'll receive a $60 gift card for signing up, and $20 for each year of participation.

Participating utilities

Two ways to get involved!

I already have a qualified smart thermostat

Customers who have already purchased and installed a Google Nest thermostat can sign up here.

I need a qualified smart thermostat

Customers who do not have a Nest thermostat can purchase one here.

You may qualify for additional rebates!

Your utility may offer additional rebates of up to $100 (for a total of $160 up front and $20 per year of participation) for the purchase of qualifying thermostats.

Click here to learn more.